What is Bob Bryar’s Personality Type?

Bob Bryar is a loner who is sometimes withdrawn and has a fairly chilly, nonchalant personality. Although he is introverted, Bob is extremely rational. He is wary at times of the outer world, his senses, and even his intellect, because they might all be sources of illusion. His quest for identity with a spiritual whole gives him a voracious appetite for ideologies, structures, and theories. Readings which others would find abstract and intellectual impress him as reflections of important and lively realities. As a result, Bob has a penchant for reflection and philosophical study. He is intrigued by difficult problems and enjoys solving them. There is no difficulty which can discourage him from the goal he has decided to reach for himself. His depth of vision, common sense, and caution, his tendency to be a bit calculating and sometimes conservative, his stamina, and his independent mind all give him the ability to tackle difficult tasks. His concentration gives him an undeniable gift for abstraction and conjecture. As a theoretician, Bob aims to discover what is essential and universal. Indeed, he seeks to go beyond what is relative, contingent upon circumstances, or inadequate, to reach the absolute truth he fervently desires. His budding intuition is extremely receptive to the sacred or holy. As a result, the ideal or cause he espouses will be related to the concept of universality or totality. Since his lifetime adventure is based in part on this absolute truth, it is important for him to make an effort to define its nature. What sort of universality are you striving for; what spiritual Everest (in yourself or outwardly) are you trying to scale? In fact, Bob tends to like mountain climbing, because of the effort it requires. It’s a great joy for him. Alone at the peak, he can contemplate and understand everything. In pursuit of this absolute center (positive or negative) which animates him, he is shrewd and persistent. Stamina and endurance are resources of which he is quite confident. His existence and organism are arranged to optimize them; others may consider him slow, but he is really just playing it safe, because, unconsciously, he knows time is on his side. When he takes an initiative, it is after careful forethought and preparation. His great composure, ability to resist and overcome obstacles and wickedness, and his foresight give him a great potential to accomplish total self-control. However, he must beware of one pitfall: excess. He tends to be a bit too rigid and intolerant; in intellectual

Bob Bryar finds his work rewarding. Daily life and routine activities are excellent sources of self-fulfillment for him.

Bob Bryar was born with the rising sign of Aries and the sun was passing through the sign of Capricorn. His personality profile is summarized by the key words Individualism, Guile, Vitality and passion, Need for security, Pugnacity, Inhibition, Impatience, Studiousness, Impetuosity, Methodical nature, Enterprise, Foresight, and Innovation. Bob also has contradictions in his character which create tension. These include his impulsive, spontaneous nature and his abiding need for security and continuity. He is ambitious and persistent, and is apt to take on serious responsibilities in society. He also has a taste for leadership, which makes him apt to play an important role in society.

Born on the day before the full moon, you are said to be a Gibbous Moon Lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration gives you a rich, complex personality, though you are sometimes troubled by the feeling you are struggling to do something great. Indeed, a feeling that you are lacking something may preoccupy you until you find a spiritual or humanitarian cause worthy of your devotion. Devotion will be important to you as a foundation for your inner and outer development. If you fail to encounter a great and noble cause to which you are willing to pledge yourself, you could always make do with a person whose aura and magnetism attract you. Whatever you decide, it is by working to serve a cause or another person that you will approach your own self-transformation.

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