What kind of person is Bo Bech?

Bo Bech experiences his inner life as a process of growth and maturation, nurtured by his involvement with others and the positive and negative encounters this generates.

Bo Bech attempts to free himself from any outside influence; in fact, he is eager to leave his personal imprint on the world around him. Often, due to his lack of perspective in relation to other people, he rebuffs their help and cooperation on projects. It is only by working and acting independently that he can accomplish his goals and ambitions.

Bo Bech, while contributing to important social causes or collective ideals, tends to keep his individual identity intact. For this reason, although he may become personally involved in social affairs, he is likely to resist any project he will be unable to lead himself, according to his own individual direction. Bo Bech tends to identify himself with an activity with social implications and attempt to know himself through this activity.

Bo Bech needs to assert their originality. They are individualistic and independent and live life according to their own rules. People and things matter to them only insofar as they relate to them, and they ignore or disregard any annoyances they may encounter. Their passions are lively and ardent, and they truly love to give. They are endowed with great authenticity and can be quite generous, as long as they are aware that others admire them.

You never fully understand other people’s feelings because you find it hard to understand your own. You see the emotional world as a foreign territory, perhaps fraught with hidden dangers. It would be easier to understand others if you became more familiar with your own emotions, but that would be a drawback rather than an advantage. As a result, you might struggle to establish a rewarding relationship, as you seek out special individuals to bond with. You might also be the first to deny that someone’s emotional needs are real. This leads to dependency on others, which is unconsciously repressed. In reality, you offer conscious resistance to anyone who tries to lure you out of your emotional bubble, but you are always making timid, half-conscious forays into the emotional world. Because you are so lonely and afraid, you are always seeking comfort in the emotional realm.

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