What does Blue Ivy Carter’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If you really want to improve and transform yourself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding you back and preventing your evolution:- Blue Ivy Carter’s lack of consideration for others- her rigidity- her need for total control- her fear of her emotions

Although you are friendly and outgoing, you often find yourself in discord with others. This difficulty in balancing your own needs, desires, and goals with those of others can be difficult to overcome, but by accepting the idea that every relationship follows a general scheme of intimacy and an accomplishment or purpose apart from the relationship itself, many conflicts can be avoided. If you and your partners can define what kind of intimate relationship you want to maintain and what accomplishment or purpose you hope to achieve, many conflicts can be avoided.

Blue Ivy Carter tends to be restless and impatient. Her dissatisfaction sometimes compels her to launch herself into an energetic effort to transform society. Because she has the ability to conceive of fairly radical models for social change, she sometimes demonstrates a desire to spearhead a progressive movement. However, her determination to impose her own ideas forcefully could turn off people she is so eager to help. She will do well to realize that only a transpersonal vision of the world (that is, a vision which transcends her own personal ego problems) is appropriate nourishment for the archetypes which could bring about a real transformation and improvement of social structures.

Blue Ivy Carter’s personality is ruled by her mind, which uses her energy to conceive and create on the abstract plane. She is much more of an idealist than a pragmatist and does not become passionately engaged in human relationships, preferring a variety of casual contacts which demand little of her in return. As a result, it is sometimes difficult for her to remain in close emotional rapport with another person without feeling hemmed in and stifled. With her peers, her charm makes her popular, and she attracts all sorts of helpful friendships. Due to the ease with which she moves in society and her eloquence, she has undeniable talents for communications and teaching.

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