What is Blue Chapman’s Personality Type?

Your personality is adaptable and sociable. You make friends quickly and easily. Your contacts and networks are important to you, because they enable you to evolve. They are a source of self-fulfillment and identification. Any form of play is also important to you, and only severe depression will deprive you of your playfulness. You sometimes amuse yourself by acting out a variety of roles on the stage of life, just for the fun of it. Your animation and wit give you a talent for improvisation and adaptation. However, adaptability is a two-bladed sword. You are liable to find yourself in a superficial bind, having jettisoned certain important ideas in order to move about more freely. You are also sensitive, but your emotions and feelings are sometimes subject to the scrutiny and censorship of your intellect. Thus, you cannot free yourself to the strength of great passions and energies without idealizing them to a certain degree and giving them intellectual resonance. Wary of your irrational instincts and urges, you tend to control or repress them. But you will do well to learn that the intellect is not omnipotent, especially where instinct is concerned. Inhabiting a complex inner world, you sometimes feel vulnerable, due to your emotionalism and sensitivity to the aggressions of the outer world. Because you rely first and foremost on your adaptability and agility to wriggle out of trouble, you may, on certain occasions, make rather dubious compromises with yourself – all the more likely if your moral fiber is made of wax, as is often the case, instead of steel. The weaknesses you must overcome are instability, wishy-washiness, a lack of determination and coherence in your thought.

Blue Chapman needs movement. Chapman is a talented communicator.

Blue Chapman tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests her more than what is right at hand and realistic.

Blue Chapman’s rising sign is Virgo, and the sun is currently in the sign of Gemini. Based on the various clues mentioned, Chapman’s personality profile is summarized as follows:

Modesty – Chapman needs contact with others in order to feel comfortable and at ease. She is analytical, thinking things through logically. She is also prone to mental agitation and has a strict adherence to logic and rules. However, Chapman also has a strong sense of humour and enjoys being playful. She is also detail-oriented, and likes to take care of things in a perfect way. She can also be quite d dilettanteistic, enjoying trying new things.

Communication – Chapman is very nervous and worried, and has a hard time communicating with others. She is also very sensitive, and easily feels anxious and stressed. This can be a major barrier to her achieving her goals, as she is often too busy worrying about how she is being perceived by others.

Inner duality – Chapman is a very two-sided person. On one hand, she is very modest and introverted, needing contact with others to feel at ease. She is also analytical, thinking things through logically. However, Chapman can also be very frivolous, and take things too lightly. She also has a strong attention to detail, and is often very meticulous. She can be very indecisive, and often needs time to make a decision.

Chapman’s key words for her personality are:

Need for movement – Chapman is constantly looking for ways to move forward and improve herself. She is very quick to understand new information, but can be easily distracted by other things.

Intelligence – Chapman is very intelligent, able to assimilate new information quickly and efficiently.

Rapid understanding – Chapman is able to understand things quickly, often absorbing new information in a single go.

Concentration – Chapman needs to be able to focus in order to achieve her goals. She often gets sidetracked by outside factors.

Organization – Chapman is very organized, able to keep her life in order. She needs to learn to prevent outside influences from distracting her.

Frivolity – Chapman has a strong sense of humour, and often enjoys being playful.

Attention to detail – Chapman is very detail-oriented, often taking care of small details that can make a big difference.

Dilettantism – Chapman enjoys trying new things, and is often d dilettanteistic in her approach

Born on the day before the new moon, you have a spiritual character that is closely attached to humanitarian ideals. You can be severely tested when trying to stick to the narrow scope of individual ambition. Indeed, your aim is to create a humanitarian ideal that would include the outcasts and the unfortunate. To bring about this ideal, you are likely to use all of your resources-physical effort, money (if you have it), speech, your writings, and your poetic or artistic talents. However, you should be wary of your unconscious guilt feelings. Actually, there is no reason for you to devote yourself to your mission entirely; a simple daily effort should suffice. Usually, the three days preceding the new moon will be a good time for you to be active and have a high energy level.

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