What does Blay Vision’s psychology tell us about them?

Blay Vision searches for stability. He wants to find a firm, unchanging structure for his life. But his efforts to achieve this ideal are often vain, because unconsciously, he is also inhabited by the opposite desire. Every time he reaches what he believes to be a good balance, he realizes he wants something entirely different. He should become aware that the concepts of stability and balance are difficult to apply to life. By definition, life is movement, change, and perpetual instability.

At the moment of your birth, the two celestial “lights” (the sun and the moon) were symmetrically aligned. This was a sign of harmony and balance between the masculine and feminine archetypes, which was extremely beneficial. It was the source of understanding and balance between the two main psychological realms which composed your personality. You thus enjoyed a positive complementarity and understanding between your conscious and unconscious aspects of your psyche, between your determination and your routines, between your drive for self-assertion and your receptivity, your ideal and your sensitivity. Your parents almost certainly reflected a positive image of the marriage relationship to you, and it was likely that they encouraged you to develop your own individuality. As a result, you were and are able to be comfortable with yourself as you are, rather than striving to attain your parents’ ideal. This has definitely contributed to the maintenance of a good relationship with them and the rest of the family. In your emotional relationships with your peers, one of the effects of the masculine/feminine harmony is that the images your ego projects on the other are especially constructive. The bonds of the relationship are not felt to be constraints, the energy which flows between the two people is a source of mutual happiness, not regret. No major personal conflicts are projected onto the “other” – that is, the significant other.

You are very sensitive and receptive and tend to live in osmosis with your surroundings. Your individuality almost seems to be diluted in a flood of sensations and impressions which are continually washing over you, and you often find it difficult to communicate your feelings to other people. This tide of emotion is a source of inspiration and intuition, but due to your lack of inner structure and organization, it is difficult for you to grasp the essence of your dreams and share them with other people. You are not at all combative, and this hinders your efforts to fit into society and assert yourself productively. Your tendency to prefer fantasy to reality and your refusal to abandon your unattainable dreams is a psychological trap you have fallen into without realizing it. You must understand that by escaping from your obligations and commitments, you only increase the feelings of guilt and incompetence which made reality so distasteful in the first place. Once you free yourself from this pernicious process, you have a great deal of potential for fulfilling yourself in the outer world, either by devoting yourself to the community or by cultivating your considerable artistic talents.

Blay Vision is pragmatic and realistic. He evaluates people and things according to practical, common-sense criteria instead of abstract concepts. A sensualist and lover of luxury, he has a penchant for material comfort and takes great joy in physical pleasures. In relation to others, socially and privately, he likes to build stable relationships and is not especially fond of change. His warmth gives him a great deal of ease when meeting people, as clients (for business purposes), but his close relations also benefit from this affection and his ability to express his feelings naturally and openly.

Blay Vision has a lively and curious intelligence, the very opposite of empty rhetoric and studiousness. She is agile and adaptable and can not only analyze difficult situations objectively but also demonstrate a profound comprehension when faced with a psychological problem.

Blay Vision maintains strong ties with their past, and it often seems difficult for them to open their heart to new people. Their love affairs might exist on the surface level, because their lust and sensual desire rarely turn into a need to understand, protect, and care for the other. Moreover, it is difficult for them to meet partners who combine the ideals of the tender parent and the great lover.

Blay Vision stands before you, guarded and shy. His exterior is cool and collected, but underneath you can see the vulnerability. He hides his sensitivity behind a facade that is conservative and respectful of tradition and convention. He is hesitant to make any commitments because he fears it will upset or disturb the stability he needs to heal his feelings of frustration and emotional dependency. His ties to his past are strong. They provide reassurance and safety because his parents sacrificed a lot for him.

Because you were born with a strong sense of individuality, you quickly developed an original and independent identity. Your first taste of liberty may have led you to challenge the education and values you received from your family and class tradition, and you were able to forge a strong, original personality and philosophy. Your relationships are usually free of conflict, because you are able to reconcile your need for independence with your desire for affection. However, your partners should be open and lively people, able to keep pace with you in your rapid evolution. You have an inspired and extremely lively wit and a brisk interest in the future, technological progress, and new lifestyles. You would be especially successful in communications-related careers like journalism, film, TV, radio, and advertising. Although you are an individualist, you have a powerful desire to contribute to the evolution of society and better its development.

Although Blay Vision’s sensitivity and imaginative nature can sometimes lead to difficulty distinguishing dreams from reality, this is ultimately a benefit, as it allows for a rich and creative imagination. Additionally, Blay Vision is often very romantic and sees the world in a holistic way, enjoying beauty in all forms.

Blay Vision searches for the ideal love, dreaming of finding a soulmate. She is more in love with the idea of love than anything else, and her idealism may hide a fear of truly committing herself to a relationship. In time, two options will seem clear to her: an amorous friendship based on shared ideas and intellectual exchange, or an open relationship, free of all constraints except mutual respect.

Blay Vision’s birth chart indicates that an emotional function is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of her emotional urges and somewhat wary of her feelings, she tries to rid herself of all partiality and try to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

Blay Vision, a relatively peaceful and simple person, has a top priority of efficiency. Their realistic mind seeks security in a long-term relationship or marriage. They are fairly well-balanced and quite likely to find a loyal, hardworking companion to whom they will be devoted. They will be fairly possessive of them in the beginning and are then liable to be that way about their children, if they choose to have them.

Blay Vision is a mysterious and attractive creature. They are irresistibly drawn to people who break their heart and to troublesome love affairs. Their disappointment often causes them to veer between extreme love and extreme indifference. The conflict between their sensual desires and their “angelic”, idealized lover is apparent in a series of challenging romantic relationships that run the risk of going tragically wrong.

From the outside, you seem to be detached and aloof, but on the inside you are a passionate individual, full of contradictions. Because you sometimes feel vulnerable emotionally, you try to control not only your own feelings and urges, but may also strive to manipulate those of your partners. You aspire to a profound and enduring spiritual unity, but at the same time, the idea of abandoning yourself and yielding to the other terrifies you. This anguish may be a source of rather extreme behavior patterns and a somewhat self-focused attitude which could damage the relationship. Because you are guarded and somewhat secretive, you tend to be suspicious and are especially uneasy about spontaneous intimacy, although you are fascinated by sexuality. Within the privacy of the couple, you will not express your feelings unless you are subject to some tension. Life may be peppered with frequent crises and feuds, arguments and spats which usually act as erotic provocation. This derivation of eroticism from anxiety tends to be one of the fundamental characteristics of your emotional and sexual functioning. As a result, you are likely to be attracted by stormy and complicated relationships.

Blay Vision considers the input from its subjectivity and emotions as dynamic, which it tries to tune in to go straight to the essence of knowledge. As a result, regardless of its field of study, it tries to obtain perspective. It will elaborate a thought on the basis of fairly warm, abstract logic, supported by lively, concise, and immaculate reasoning. Its choice areas of study could be mathematics, philosophy, legislation, or political science. Ideologies, theories, and any other system of reasoning could serve as “food for thought” for it.

Blay Vision tries to shun subjectivity and be as objective as possible. His thoughts are usually structured, and his reasoning, based on objective facts or experience, usually relates to practical goals.

You are endowed with intuition, a quality that can be both a blessing and a curse. Boundaries and structures are difficult for you to understand and manage, and your thoughts tend to be vague and undefined. You see things globally, without paying attention to the individual parts. This can make it hard for you to understand or deal with things in the real world. You may also be shy and withdraw from social interactions because you are afraid of annoying people or of fighting for your rights. Your imagination can sometimes run away from you, cowering from confrontation with reality. This tendency may cause you difficulty in relationships or in your career.

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