What does Avani Shah’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If Avani Shah really wants to improve and transform herself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding her back and preventing her evolution:
– her overweening ego
– her need to show off
– her aggressiveness
– her excesses

As a result of their great ambitions, celebrities like Avani Shah are fairly organized. They are able to work long and hard to achieve their goals and elaborates fairly rigid strategies to protect themselves against any foreseeable obstacles. They are so absorbed in their business they do not always realize that they tend to be somewhat peremptory with the people around them and that they might do well to soften their tone and be more tactful at times. Their friendships seem stifling and superfluous to them, and they are sometimes tormented by inner conflict when they are forced to submit to another’s will. To succeed, work to be less dogmatic. Trust in yourself and other people and flexibility.

As we suggested earlier, Avani Shah is endowed with great sensitivity and has profound aspirations, especially romantic ones. Nevertheless, her spirit is sometimes too delicate for her to have armored and structured herself for the constraints of life out there in the real world. Moreover, she sees little point in devoting herself to fulfilling the demands of practical reality, which strike her as rather futile and empty. Her escapes into her fantasy world give her the illusion of a much greater reward. She tends to gloss over her vision of other people, and when they reveal their imperfections and incompetence, she feels guilty for them and suffers from her own vulnerability and illusions. She would do well to try to be more selective about the people she associates with; when she is moving in a dream world, she attracts the kind of dishonest people who are likely to take advantage of her.

Avani Shah has deeply anchored emotional needs. Invariably, she tries to revive these sensations from her personal history, clinging to the security provided by the repetition of a feeling which produced a positive effect in the past. Her desire for possession (tangible or emotional) could become a problem, because she may fixate on an object which is negative or bad for her. She will do well to make a conscious effort to overcome this unconscious negative conditioning which may be related to her childhood.

Celebrity Avani Shah tends to be rigid in relationships. In some extreme cases, they may be jealous. Because they have a great deal of emotional impact on the other, they sometimes feel invulnerable to any outside influence and will struggle with reexamining their own attitude.

Avani Shah has a great deal of vitality. They are always active and on the move and cannot sit still for any length of time. They rush to act on their impulses, enthusiastic and filled with the strength of confidence in themselves and their luck. Power lures them, and they are sometimes self-focused in an innocent and childlike way. Their physical and creative energy predisposes them to become a captain or leader.

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