What is Amber Chia’s Personality Type?

Amber Chia has a dual nature – two tendencies dwell within her psyche. One is related to her instincts and endows her with supreme strength and intense material desires, and the other flows from a higher psychic authority, the superego or human ideal, and inspires her with a precise awareness of her purpose and dignity as a human being among her fellows. The distinctiveness, if not the opposition, between these two tendencies is likely to trouble her quest for inner harmony at times. However, the difficulty she must overcome is not limited to a conflict between these two natures. Instead, she must choose which direction the energy generated by the contradiction will take. In other words, in more practical terms, if she identifies with the power residing in society and the complex interactions of human beings, she can find one goal, one direction in which the power can lead. The positive side of this nature is the cohesive and all-encompassing understanding she derives from it. In daily life, she could be a resourceful and valuable organizer, designer, leader, or legislator. Indeed, she has the native skills necessary for managing and leading a team of co-workers. The coherence of her thought is apt to enable her to budget and organize human energies for maximum profit and minimum loss. Overlooking from the outset trivial details and a tendency to be unable to see the forest for the trees, she can implement global, methodical systems and structures to solve problems. On another level, she has a nature profoundly attached to morality and ethics. She conceives of ethics as a practical system for human relations, not an idealistic and unattainable dream. Indeed, it should be noted that she is not an idealist. If she seeks an ideal, it is based on what already exists, by organizing it and putting it into practice, by seeing it operate smoothly and efficiently. Her originality comes from the fact that she always strives to go beyond common sense in search of a new perspective, which would enrich the spirit and transform values. All of these skills and resources predispose her to devote herself to society. In the process, however, she is likely to overdo it to such a degree that her own personality is overshadowed. That is, she would identify too heavily with her social mask (her persona) and lose awareness of her individuality.

Amber Chia yearns for a purpose in life, even faraway or abstract.

Amber Chia needs others to fulfill herself and accomplish her ambitions.

Amber Chia was born under the sign of Pisces (the Fish), the sun was passing through the sign of Sagittarius (the Archer), and she has two opposing tendencies: Emotionalism and Analytical mind. Her psyche is the scene of a struggle between two opposing tendencies: between Intuition and Worldliness. She vacillates between intense activity and playfulness, between rebellion and submission. In her youth, she is likely to undergo some challenges in adjusting to the world and achieving a balance. However, maturity and experience should teach her how to be more centered by investing her energies in an activity which involves helping other people. After she learns to compensate for a tendency to run out of momentum, she will be able to complete the projects she wants to finish based on her high ideals. Her intelligence will be illuminated and enlightened by her intuition. However, she will always have to protect herself from picking up negative energy from people around her.

Born under the full moon, you are a lunar type with an objective, rational character and a penchant for dreaming. However, because the moon is opposite the sun at the time of the full moon, your objective tendencies are balanced by a more idealistic penchant. Because the forces pull you in two different ways – one toward reality, the other toward dreams – you may be aware of some inner contradictions which are causing practical and social difficulties for you. At times, you are too demanding of yourself or others, comparing them to an ideal, whereas at others, you are too nonchalant and indulgent about life. You vacillate between two poles. One is elitist; the other is more earthy and perhaps vulgar at times. The result is a multifaceted self. Generally speaking, your monthly energy flow is strongest at the time of the full moon. You would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects.

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