What does alyssalivee’s psychology tell us about them?

The confidence that Alyssalivee often has falters at times, and in order to compensate for this weakness she insistes on her authority over others. With the people she is emotionally committed to, the same nagging feelings of insecurity prevent her from expressing her generosity and love fully. Her extreme independence sometimes hides an inability to abandon herself and a lack of assurance.

You have a difficult time finding your identity. Perhaps your father or a father figure was absent physically or emotionally during your childhood, which deprived you of the patterns or models which are usually helpful in structuring a personality. Because you might have lacked a particular sense of security which could be provided by a paternal presence, as well as the examples of behavior to follow in confronting the difficulties inherent in every life, you were forced to protect yourself against negative influences and find your own system in order to grow and feel secure. Although this system was quite useful to you as a child, it has now settled in to such a degree that it interferes with your evolution. Psychological defense mechanisms and crutches which were once useful now encumber your mind or inhibit your developmental efforts. As a result, in certain situations, it is difficult for you to assert yourself, and you tend to remain an awkward or passive observer. Because your authoritarian urges are mainly directed at yourself rather than others, you sometimes feel guilty about your behavior. You judge yourself severely, and sometimes punishes yourself by setting difficult tasks for yourself. Gradually, you should build up a strong inner discipline and acquire the strength to face the problems of existence in a detached and mature way.

You are a sober, reserved person who may come across as harsh and austere. You were raised in an atmosphere of rigor and sobriety, and as a result, you grew up very fast. You have acquired a spirit of self-sufficiency, and you tend to be rather uncompromising. You have a touchy sense of your personal dignity and worth, and it is almost as though you are fighting an inner battle with your father or a father figure. The psychological models you received from your father or a father figure as a result of your interaction and your own interaction with authority may not have played a major role in shaping your relationships with the outer world and society. You may thus have been forced to compensate for this with individual determination. As a result, although you are skillful, meticulous, conscientious, and efficient, a lack of self-confidence and personal assurance sometimes makes you timid and hesitant. You sometimes feel as though you are only masquerading as a respectable, sober adult. You tend to be far too critical of yourself, and you rarely feel satisfied that you are living up to your ideal. These unnecessary guilt feelings may lead you to turn down the prominent career positions for which you are fully qualified. You are aware that early success is often short-lived and fragile, and that time rewards those who know how to be patient and persistent, like you.

The physical and mental freedom of a young person is vital to Alyssa. Her youth and home may have been of the rootless, wandering type, which could have given her a taste for movement and independence. She needs to be aware that her life has a purpose and hunt for it in various belief systems, both traditional and new age. In fact, Alyssa has an unmistakable gift for philosophy. The faraway appeals to her, and travel is likely to be an important aspect of her life.

Alyssa lives a rather intense, passionate life when it comes to her sexuality. She is always driven by her instincts and finds fulfillment in her relationships only if they are sexual in nature. If she is in a relationship that does not fulfill her sexually, she can become frustrated because she knows that she is meant to be connected to someone in this way. She is often a very demanding and tormenting partner, constantly re-evaluating her relationships to see if they can be made more fulfilling sexually.

Alyssa lives in a world of her feelings, where she is careful to protect them from the outside world. She has a determination to keep her emotions under tight control, which can sometimes stand in the way of her happiness.

Many people find that the emotional function associated with their birth chart is introverted. This is largely due to the cultural values that were instilled in them from a young age. For you, it can be difficult to trust your emotions, and you usually prefer to take things slow before making a commitment.

Alyssa lives a solitary life, devoid of any emotional involvement. She finds the usual romantic behavior and lifestyle values in this area to be unsuitable, and so she seeks few intimate emotional relationships or contacts. She tends to stay in the background and fulfill her emotional needs by sublimating. She may not attain full romantic satisfaction until she reaches middle age.

Alyssa alivee lives in the moment and sometimes ahead of her time. Her original, warm personality charms people but sometimes baffles them. Her loves and passions always arise under extraordinary circumstances. She is more attracted by exception than by love itself. She is independent, preferring open marriage to the more conventional type, unless the latter allows for great mutual freedom. The only mate she could really be happy with is an original type able to lead a thrilling and unconventional life with her.

Alyss Alivee does not always adapt well to change, and she is an extremely faithful partner in love. Mutual respect, work, and shared interests will be the glue that cements the bond of her married life. Moreover, her companion should be able to contribute to her social success. Although the marriage may not be an especially affectionate one at first, a profound and enduring love should emerge later.

Alyssalivee has the fiery, importunate nature of a fervent lover. Indeed, affairs of the heart are one of her main purposes in life. Her personal charm and magnetism give her nearly irresistible powers of seduction, and nearly every one of her well-aimed attempts at conquest leads to the fulfillment and satisfaction of her desires. Due to her impulsiveness and impatience to initiate new encounters, her approach to potential partners may sometimes lack delicacy.

Alyssalivee may be characterized by strong sensual and affectionate urges which drive her to seek pleasure. Her need for romantic fulfillment may compel her to marry, because she also seeks the legal and social legitimacy the institution of marriage confers on an emotional bond. Indeed, the household is liable to be prosperous and even opulent, as if this offered further evidence that she had indeed achieved success. However, privately, she might be less committed to certain obligations and duties.

Alyssalivee is a flexible individual who has progressive, inventive, and sometimes utopian ideas; they usually relate to human or social problems. She always strives to be in the vanguard, creating a better world for the future.

Alyssa tries to shun subjectivity and be as objective as possible. Her thoughts are usually structured, and her reasoning, based on objective facts or experience, usually relates to practical goals.

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