What does Alyssa Trask’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If you really want to improve and transform yourself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding you back and preventing your evolution. This can be done by identifying the areas in which you struggle to tolerate criticism, or in which you are too proud or too quick to anger.

Alyssa Trask sometimes feels a conflict between her desire for social and professional success and her need for a stable, secure domestic life. She is deeply committed to both ideas and does not always succeed in reconciling their schedules and demands on her. Sometimes it feels as though she will never be able to find a balance. However, no job promotion will really satisfy her if she has neglected her most intimate needs and desires. Although it sometimes seems easier to her to climb the rungs of the career ladder out there in the real world, if she merely sacrifices her domestic life, she is only trying to fool herself. She should accept the fact that her domestic life is the true basis and foundation of her development. All her career endeavors and success will be even more rewarding if they are supported by a safe, warm personal life.

Alyssa Trask may experience discord in relationships. Although she is friendly and outgoing and committed herself to friendships and partnerships, she often finds it difficult to balance her own needs, desires, and goals with the objective reality of others and their individual desires and needs. To understand and overcome this problem, she should accept the idea that every relationship follows more or less the same general scheme: a base of intimacy and an accomplishment or purpose apart from the relationship itself. If she succeeds in defining, through discussion and communication, what sort of intimate relationship she and her partners want to maintain and what accomplishment or purpose they hope to achieve, many conflicts will be avoided.

Alyssa Trask is rather obstinate, stubborn, and impervious to outside influences. Although her determination is an asset in bringing plans and projects to completion, it may also arouse bitter hostility against her. To fit in best, she considers working on her flexibility and diplomacy.

Alyssa Trask, in her efforts to accumulate wealth and social power, sometimes betrays a lack of toleration for other people’s belief systems and values. Although she trusts her own talent for business, finance, and investments thoroughly, she should be aware that she is liable to make some errors in judgment. Because she identifies so strongly with her own individual habits and work routines and isn’t as keen to learn from others, she may waste her energy at times.

Alyssa Trask is fairly independent and individualistic, so it is easy for her to detach herself from prevailing intellectual trends and pursue her activities independently. She may tend to be too self-focused. However, she is likely to encounter situations in life which require that she adapt to new and unfamiliar circumstances by changing her system of values. If she clings to a narrow vision of the truth, certain relationship experiences may shatter it, leaving her with a feeling of loss and disorientation until she recovers. The best cure would be putting her determination into changing her life and concentrating on new goals.

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