What is Alicia Ostriker’s Personality Type?

Alicia Ostriker has a complex personality. She is stirred with contradictory impulses and desires, some of them imperious. Although her rational mind is highly developed and seems to be the source of motivation for her behavior, the most significant realm of her psychology is her subconscious. Therein, a conflict between understanding and feeling is raging, between the psychological functions of thought and sensation (C.G. Jung’s terms). Until this conflict subsides, she might feel a sensation of emptiness. She is troubled by and unable to explain this feeling, which leads her to adopt an attitude of doubt and skepticism. This conflict, and its various ramifications, are the main obstacle to her individuation. Her task consists of becoming the master of the energies of her subconscious, and developing her consciousness in terms of the hidden and invisible. Her evolution will occur through a series of metamorphoses and rebirths. However, at certain points in her life, despite her caution and clear thinking, she finds herself in situations she neither desired nor planned, as a result of explosions and eruptions of the elements fermenting in her psyche. She always survives the worst physical, emotional, or intellectual tests, however, fairly unscathed, because of her ability to be reborn and start afresh. As a partner, she might struggle to make compromises. She may appear frosty and distant at times, and she has a taste for challenging, provocative remarks. With herself, as well as with others, she is sometimes excessive and complicated. In a discussion, she will express strong, honest opinions. In crisis situations, she wishes for her efforts to be noticed. She is obsessed with the problem of death. She tends to believe it holds the secret of life – that death can be overcome. Sometimes her anxiety about death is expressed as a search for answers – how can one learn to live with death, how can one detach oneself from the past and its flesh-curdlingly morbid realities… Decay, immobility, ultimate delivery – these images, which are all symbolically associated with death, sometimes haunt her. Intellectually, she has powerfully developed intellectual faculties which yield the maximum effectiveness for her behavior. Deductive, analytical, prospective, she is at once a researcher, a detective, and a scientist. She is fairly introverted, and her discrimination tends to direct her toward the spheres of inner life. She is astute at drawing rational parallels between phenomena of different origins. Her love life will be subject to desire and passion. But since she is more

Due to the influence of Aquarius rising, you have an independent and individualistic temperament that sometimes aggravates outer discipline and authority. Your need to preserve your originality and freedom often inspires you to display eccentric and unconventional behavior, even if it shocks the people around you. You are also reluctant to be tied down unnecessarily, so you may exaggerate your detached “lone wolf” aspect. Actually, you are passionately fond of developing a strict and monastic inner discipline. Others generally appreciate your intellectual qualities, the originality of your opinions, and the subtlety and keenness of your insights. However, your taste for paradox and provocation may not be for everyone. You are attracted by exploration and discovery and enjoy modernistic or futuristic settings. Although you are more mind-oriented than sensual, you are quite honest when expressing your emotions, which often feel more platonic than passionate.

Alicia Ostriker is sensual. Pleasure is important to her.

Alicia Ostriker is attracted by the here-and-now, by study, and writing. She has a special affinity for the people around her: siblings (or close friends), neighbors, etc.

Alicia Ostriker has a straightforward, independent, and domineering personality. She swims against the current, battling preconceived notions, unruffled and nonchalant when her behavior shocks or offends. Alicia is a seeker of originality in all things, a traveler of the road less traveled. Free and confident with her intellectual independence, she will devote herself entirely to her professional life, investing it with all her imagination and power. Her qualities of insight, inventiveness, and her curiosity drive her to investigate behind the scenes, to look beyond appearances and presentations. She could apply these intellectual skills in such different fields as medicine, detective work, or history.

Alicia Ostriker was born on the seventh to tenth day after the new moon. As a “soli-lunar” configuration, she is strong-willed and determined, always bucking convention and innovating. She dislikes routine and can be overwhelmed by her conscience, ranting about the destructive and ridiculous aspects of longing for the past, being old-fashioned, and being outdated in her views. Her energy flows are at their peak about seven to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon, which is a good time to schedule intensive work phases and ambitious and demanding projects.

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