What’s Aidan Gallagher’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

Neptune is the first dominant in Aidan Gallagher’s astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

Aidan Gallagher’s astral chart is heavily influenced by Neptune. This planet is known for its connection to intuition, creativity, and spirituality. Individuals with a strong Neptune presence in their chart are often highly sensitive and compassionate. They may be prone to daydreaming and have a strong imagination. Neptune also rules over escapism, so Aidan may be drawn to activities that help them escape from the mundanity of everyday life.

This planet is the quintessential symbol of individual receptivity and the fundamental reactions of the unconscious, including the collective unconscious. Opposed to Saturn, which is the principle of form, structure, and limitation, Neptune is a principle of dissolution. It concerns any effort to encompass the greatest variety of factors, any tendency to surround and blend all the narrow, individual points of view into a single, universal sea.

Psychologically, the Neptunian effect is expressed as an exceptional psychic flexibility and extreme pliancy. I thus display considerable receptivity and availability. I feel a need for unity, a need to be related. I am also deeply aware of the importance of dreaming, and, negatively, may be prone to delusions.

At certain times, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of subtle confusion related to a need for “something else.” When my well-being is disturbed this way, I either yield to a sort of passive, apathetic dissatisfaction, or lose myself in the search for an imaginary world, perhaps to escape or plunge into bliss.

I am sometimes captivated by a need for illusion; I would like to experience change through the intermediary of events which are vaster than consciousness and would take me far from routine and daily banality. Nevertheless, usually these fantastic dreams only make me all the more painfully aware of the realities of everyday life. My spirit and emotions emerge confused, and my will is sometimes weakened.

Venus is the second dominant in Aidan Gallagher’s astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. It is also the ruler of money, possessions, and material comforts. So, the second house is a very important house in Aidan Gallagher’s astral chart.

This placement indicates that Aidan Gallagher values love, beauty, and pleasure highly in their life. They also place a lot of importance on money, possessions, and material comforts. Therefore, this is a very significant placement in their astral chart.

In traditional astrology, Venus (or Aphrodite, her Greek name) is the planet of love. A source of universal attraction, this planet corresponds to the original urge which bonds two human beings together in love. Venus is thus both the magnetism which brings human beings together (not lust, which is symbolized by Mars, but the object which attracts lust) and the gift of love. This ambiguity is interpreted astrologically by the fact that Venus rules two houses of the zodiac. In Taurus, Venus symbolizes the awakening to bodily lust, and in Libra, the bond of marriage. As a result, Venus may take on very different aspects depending on the individual’s degree of awareness.

Likewise, this ambiguity explains Aphrodite’s equivocal conduct in Greek myth and her innumerable couplings and motherhood. Depending on the legend, she may embody brutal, passionate love (with Anteros), the wisdom of the heart which rescues from passion (Harmonia); she also becomes tenderness and purity (with Adonis), pure sexuality (with Eros), a transforming energy (with Vulcan), etc. Mistress of the Arts, she represents beauty, understanding, and peace.

Psychologically, individuals under the influence of Venus are struggling with their love instincts. This is why Aidan Gallagher cannot conceive of living without a personal emotional relationship to someone else and sometimes fears solitude and the encounter with yourself. Aidan Gallagher is extremely attractive to others and is a creator and artistic genius who seems to imbue all you touch with beauty and harmony. Your artistic skills are obvious to the people around you and may be applied to career endeavors.

Pleasure, outings, seduction, love, and a thriving but sometimes superficial social life are the hallmarks of your life.

The moon is the third dominant in Aidan Gallagher’s astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

As the second light of the solar system, the moon has always been associated with the sun in the minds of men. The moon and sun are the primordial cosmic couple. This satellite of the earth, which mysteriously waxes and wanes, has been compared to the eternal feminine principle, the mother hovering over Aidan Gallagher’s infant’s cradle. Psychologically, the moon is thus symbolic of the mother and the mother image. This figure is a primordial element in the psyche of each individual. Depending on Aidan Gallagher’s nature, the mother figure may correspond to Aidan Gallagher’s biological mother, a grandmother, or a woman who cared for Aidan Gallagher in infancy and childhood.

When Aidan Gallagher reaches adulthood, this mother-figure and all the emotions and bonds associated with Aidan Gallagher may be transferred to something else: a spouse, a companion, an institution, a church, corporation, or political movement, a cult, etc. In short, any individual or structure likely to take on the mother’s duty of caring for and nurturing the vulnerable aspects of Aidan Gallagher.

To be more down-to-earth, the mother figure corresponds to the habits which were learned and then definitively incorporated into Aidan Gallagher’s identity as Aidan Gallagher gradually became acculturated and progressed toward social independence. As a result, a strongly “lunar” personality often finds it difficult to adapt and is uncomfortable outside the secure setting of familiar routines.

Closely tied to Aidan Gallagher’s past, Aidan Gallagher may be unwilling to detach himself from it and embark on Aidan Gallagher’s life as an individual in the here and now. Aidan Gallagher still identifies somewhat with Aidan Gallagher’s inner child and may display a child’s capricious behavior, indulging in moodiness and indecision. Aidan Gallagher’s passivity may make Aidan Gallagher easily influenced, Aidan Gallagher’s sensitivity makes Aidan Gallagher subjective, and Aidan Gallagher hesitates to open up and lay Aidan Gallagher’s soul bare. In Aidan Gallagher’s daily life, psychic activity will rule. Aidan Gallagher’s imagination, memory, sensitivity, sensation, and sentiment nearly overwhelm Aidan Gallagher’s psyche.

The sixth house is an area of the sky which is especially important in Aidan Gallagher’s theme. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

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