What does Adam Hillman’s astrological guidance say about their future?

Adam Hillman became aware of his weaknesses and decided to work on improving them.

Adam Hillman may find himself feeling frustration and insecurity in his relations with other people, or in matters related to communication, until he finds the right direction for himself. He is fairly skeptical and sometimes overly rational, so he does not always trust in the power of his own imagination and emotions, and he is even more wary of other people’s imagination and emotions. His approach is sometimes hindered by pessimism, and people may find him cynical. He would do well to learn to be more generous with himself in his intimate and social relationships instead of immediately snuffing out other people’s spontaneous expressions of hope and goodwill.

Adam Hillman’s mind tends to soar from one ideal or theory to the next without ever adopting any one approach. Because Adam rarely takes the trouble to steady his vision and deepen it, or to stick to an activity after it becomes tiresome, he is often disappointed. His lack of constancy and his inability to commit himself to any long-term effort, as well as his tendency to evade responsibility, could be obstacles to his life in the real world.

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